MOSCOW: World football federation FIFA has launched disciplinary proceedings against two German team officials who stormed the Sweden bench in delight after the World Cup-holders’ win on Saturday.

Team media officer Ulrich Voigt and a staff member of the DFB national team office, Georg Behlau, charged towards the Sweden bench pumping their fists when Toni Kroos’s stoppage-time goal gave Germany a 2-1 victory.

The Swedish coaching staff and reserve players stood up and immediately confronted them and shoved them back towards their technical area. The incident almost escalated into a wider physical altercation after Swedish officials pushed Behlau away.

A FIFA statement said: “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has opened disciplinary proceedings against the German officials Ulrich Voigt and Georg Behlau for incidents at the end of the match Germany v Sweden.”

The incident prompted angry reactions from the Swedish coach and players. Sweden’s Emil Forsberg labelled the Germans’ behaviour “disgusting.”

The DFB said the pair had since apologised to the Swedish team.

National team spokesman Jens Grittner said: “Both are members of the national team’s technical staff. Both charged the Swedish bench. That was a mistake they both sincerely regret.

“Within a few minutes, they apologised to the organisational lead of the Swedish team and also to Sweden’s coach. Nobody was punched or kicked by them, no swear words or curses were exchanged, but still, the behaviour was wrong.

“The DFB as a whole regrets the incident and apologised to the Swedish team and delegation.”