When Footballers Were Skint

A journey into the soul of football

By Jon Henderson

Biteback Publishing, £9.99 in paperback.


The Deal: Inside the World of a Super-Agent by Jon Smith with James Olley (2017 in paperback: Constable)

55 Jahre Bundesliga by Ben Redelings (Die Werkstatt) — in German

Mythos Real Madrid by Kai Psotta (Plassen) — in German

Russian Winter by Andrei Kanchelskis (deCoubertin Books)

etc etc


It’s finally out: The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer by James M Dorsey.

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From the Back Page to the Front Room: Football’s journey through the English media – by Roger Domeneghetti (Ockley Books £12.99)

The paradox of sports writing in the UK has always been that cricket was graced by its own ‘literature’ but not the far more popular, far more intently followed, association football. Domenghetti examines the culture contrast in an engrossing and comprehensive study of football’s media context. The truth may lie less in the old class argument than in the breathless pace of football’s charge along the rails of society’s horse race. The book is populated with a vast range of movers and shakers from Thomas Edison, Oscar Deutsch and Lord Reith at one end to Charles Buchan, Brian Glanville and Rupert Murdoch at the other. Even Roy Race has his place in the story. Stranger than fiction indeed – football’s love-hate relationship with media. Any doubters should read this book.

Blatter: Un Monde a Vendre — by Eric Bernaudeau (Jose Carlin / Jacques-Marie Laffont)

Soccerama: The Culture of Football – Edited by Hyder Jawad 

World Football Records: Seventh Edition — by Keir Radnedge (Carlton Books)

European Cup and Champions League: The Illustrated History – by Keir Radnedge (Carlton Books)