KEIR RADNEDGE in Manchester: Michel Platini’s opposition to goal-line technology is a crucial factor suggesting that , even if one or two systems are approved by football’s law-makers, it may not be rolled out in European international competitions.

UEFA president Platini favours of the goal-line assistants system currently undergoing long-term testing, with International Board approval, in the Champions League, Europa League and European Championship; he believes in man-made decision-making. 

This may not change, according to general secretary Gianni Infantino, whatever IFAB decides in Kyiv on July 2 after final testing of the Hawkeye and GoalRef GLT systems. At the same meeting IFAB is expected to approve the extra assistants system.

Infantino, attending the Soccerex European Forum in Manchester, said: “If the technology is approved we have to see what is approved, how it will work, how complicated or not it will be … and then it will go to our executive committee.

“What we have at the moment is two additional referees, with which we are very happy. If the two additional referees are approved by the IFAB on July 2, then it’s we will use that then we will see about goal line technology.

“On goal-line technology you can see whether a goal has been scored or not. An additional assistant next to the goal can see this, but also some other things.”

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