KYIV: Sergey Bubka, a UEFA ambassador for Euro 2012, believes the finals in Ukraine and Poland this summer will be an ‘unforgettable celebration.’

Bubka – Olympic champion, IOC member and president of the Ukraine National Olympic Committee – was speaking after a Euro 2012 sponsors’ seminar this week and welcomed the participants on behalf of the Ukraine Olympic family.

He said: “Euro 2012 Ukraine and Poland will definitely be an extraordinary event and an unforgettable celebration of sport. Ukraine welcomes all our guests with open arms to share its rich sporting traditions, its unique history and culture. It’s a great honour for us to host the third largest sports event in the world.”

There have been some concerns about the progress made to infrastructure in Ukraine and Poland ahead of the finals but Bubka reassured the audience that everything is going smoothly.

He added: “Our country has made a great progress in preparations for the championships over the past two years. Now we’re looking forward to meeting the teams, guests and football fans from all over the world in Ukraine.”

Bubka was appointed as a ‘Friend of UEFA Eyuro 2012′ two years ago along with other notable figures from Ukrain and Poland including Lech Wałęsa, the former President of Poland and founder of Solidarity and the Klitschko boxing champions.

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