LONDON: Fabio Capello has cautioned that England managerial successor Roy Hodgson will find it hard to create a “winning mentality” before Euro 2012 in six weeks’ time.

Hodgson was appointed on a four-year contract on Tuesday but must complete the season with his club West Brom before turning his attentions to England’s campaign in Poland and Ukraine this summer.

The concern is, as Capello expressed it in an interview with The Times, that being a national team manager is not “a normal job.”

Capello, who said he was ambitious to work in the Premier League after initially dismissing the idea of a return to club management, said: “As a club manager, you are a manager. As a national team manager, you are a selector. You cannot work with and get the best out of the players all of the time because some are injured, some are not in a top moment, some are unhappy with their club’s position, some have a problem with their manager.

“It’s not a normal job. It’s difficult to create something. You can’t do something in a short space of time. The idea is to create the team spirit and winning mentality in a really short time. This is very difficult. It will be hard. The other thing is that you don’t play a lot of games. In nearly every game, you are either in or out.”

Capello hopes England perform well this summer – partly because that would vindicate his own work during the qualifying campaign and before.

He said: “I’ve known Roy since he was coaching in Italy and I have met him often in these last few years,” the Italian added. “I believe he is a very good and experienced manager. I wish him all the best for the future and Euro 2012.

“I’m happy with the job I did for England. I hope that England will be one of the best teams at the Euros and they can show my job was really good. If things go well as I hope, people will recognise that I did a good job.”

As for his future, Capello admitted he was looking for one final job with a top European club.

“At the end of my career, it would be interesting to find a team with big motivation to arrive at the top,” he added.

“England would be very interesting for me because I know very well the teams and the players, and everything would be less difficult.”

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