BRASÍLIA: Just two days after Brazilian government and sports leaders had to admit to the country’s 2014 failings, the Senate suddenly came to its senses and approved the long-delayed ‘World Cup Law’ which provides the crucial legal platform for the finals.

The only minor amendment agreed during a plenary session clarified language about the sale and consumption of alcohol in stadia. This is to be limited to the Confederations Cup and World Cup stadiums and overrrides federal and local legislation banning alcohol in venues.

The draft Bill has thus been forwarded to President Dilma Rousseff for final approval and for her to sign into law.

Senator Blairo Maggi from Mato Grosso confirmed that, after all the angry earlier words, he was confident the text matched guarantees offered to FIFA originally by former President Lula.

Maggi, a member of Lula’s original delegation toFIFA in 2007, said: “At the time, as state governors, we knew of the required commitments, particularly regarding the sale of alcohol. Today, we are having this discussion, but each state has already agreed to this.”

Rio Senator Francisco Dornelles confirmed that politicians had reacted to the negative image the row over the Bill had created beyond Brazil.

He said:  “President Lula signed a commitment to FIFA and any repeal on this issue would compromise the country’s image to the world.”

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