BRUSSELS: UEFA and the European Union have launched – better late than never – an advice service for fans travelling to the Eurooe 2012 finals which start next Friday in Poland and Ukraine.

The service was launched by EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli and UEFA president, Michel Platini.

The Focus Information Agency  has confirmed for the European authorities that a website, accessible from the UEFA Euro 2012 homepage, and from many other websites – including those of the European Consumer Centres – offers tips on how best to prepare the trip and what to do if faced by consumer problems when in (or back from) Poland. (

The Europe Direct Contact Centre services will answer any on-line query on general EU consumer rights in 23 languages while a consumer Infoline in English – operated by the Polish consumer organisation Federacja Konsumentów – will provide legal support to those who run into consumer problems in Poland. Posters about these services will be displayed for the benefit of fans at popular hotels.

Dalli said: “I know that fans are fully focused on how their favourite team will perform. All the more important then to make sure that nothing spoils the fun! Fans can pick up some practical tips on how to handle problems they could encounter as consumers such as delayed flights, lost luggage, or hotel services which are not quite what was presented in the brochure when they booked.”

Platini said he believed the initiative “will help fans from all countries to enjoy their stay in Poland and Ukraine.”

The infoline will be open unrtily July 31 to answer any consumer questions that fans might have when they are in Poland. It will be operated by the Polish Consumer Federation (Federacja Konsumentów), with the funding of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland and the European Commission. It will give legal advice on how to resolve concrete cases in Poland.

* Free Consumer Infoline : 800 007 707 (from a Polish fixed-line phone or mobile phone with Polish operators)

* Consumer Infoline +48 228 27 5474 (from a mobile phone with foreign operators. Normal charges apply, including roaming)

Europe Direct will support this service with its capacity to deal with questions in the 23 EU languages. Popular questions on consumer rights range from what you are entitled to if your flight is cancelled, to what you should do if a product you buy is faulty, if you have to go to a medical service or what document you need to travel to Ukraine.

Europe Direct can be contacted via a web information service in the 23 EU languages. This service provides an answer to general questions within 3 working days on average, for any issue pertaining to EU affairs and, if necessary, transfer requests to competent assistance services.

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