KEIR RADNEDGE in WARSAW: Italy are clearly winning the ‘mind games’ with Spain, judging by the European champions’ reaction after their 1-1 draw in Group C in Gdansk on Sunday.

Italy held the lead briefly against the team who had beaten them on the way to winning the European crown in Vienna four years ago. They also imposed their own will on the Spaniards over the match condition of the pitch.

After the game Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque and midfielder Andres Iniesta criticised the grass as too long and complained that stadium staff would not water it at half-time. The Spanish federation was reported to be considering an official complaint to European federation UEFA.

However it emerged later from Polish federation president Grzegorz Lato that the pitch had not been watered because the Italians refused the request. Lato said: “Unless you have both sides’ consent then the pitch has to be left as it is.”

He added: “We had same issue in the Opening Match on Friday. Our [Polish] team wanted the pitch watered at half-time but the Greeks did not so nothing could be done.”

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