DOHA: Mohamed Bin Hammam, satisfied that he has rescued his reputation, is considering turning his back on football writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

The Qatari succeeded, before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, in overturning the lifetime ban imposed on him last year by world federation FIFA. This effectively re-established his right to reclaim the presidency of the Asian football confederation and use that platform to cause all sorts of problems for his old friend-turned-opponent Sepp Blatter.

But Bin Hammam has suggested, in an interview with BBC Radio, that he considers the world of football politics far too unsavoury a place in which to dirty his hands once more.

Reacting to the CAS verdict, he said: “My wish now is to quit and retire.”

Bin Hammam added: “I served football that long, more than 42 years, I have seen a very ugly face of the sport, envy, jealousy. I will not talk about the corruption.

“I have found myself in the last year. I have found Mohamed Bin Hammam, the man of the family, of his friends, of going back to my business. I have found peace in the last year, I wish I can continue like this.”

“For me, peace and enjoyment is outside the football environment. I have one mission, one target is to clear my name, then I will say goodbye.

“It is my wish to leave football. I don’t find any enjoyment in it. My enjoyment and entertainment now is outside the football environment.”


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