CHRISTIAN RADNEDGE in LONDON: UEFA executive member Karen Espelund says that she does not object to the British home nations’ four votes within the law-making International Football Association Board.

Norwegian Espelund was speaking at the Leaders in Football conference in London when she made her comments about the organisation which decides on the laws of the game. Each of Britain’s four member associations has one vote while FIFA, representing the rest of the world, also has four votes.

“Football is a huge success because we don’t jump on every good idea” she said. “We are a little conservative and I think that’s wise.”

“In this aspect I’m not critical of the British having this position because it is the heritage of football in a way. I’m not critical because Europe is a voice and British is taking this voice.”

Earlier this year UEFA president Michel Platini also said he had no problem with the four British votes but was unhappy with the way the balancing four FIFA votes were wielded by president Sepp Blatter.

Espelund added “It can always be questioned but I’m not critical. We want to preserve this game and develop it on a good football basis, and IFAB has proven that it is functioning.”

IFAB has been ‘invited’ by FIFA’s reforming task groups to consider whether it’s structure needs updating.

Earlier in the discussion at Stamford Bridge Epselund maintained the importance that UEFA and FIFA retain their autonomy and that disputes should not always go to a civil court.

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