NYON: UEFA will, after all, seek to rescue its tattered reputation over racism by appealing against all sanctions imposed after the European Under-21 play-off return between Serbia and England in October in Krusevac.

As hinted last week by president Michel Platini and as urged by FIFA leader Sepp Blatter, the European federation has lodged an appeal against the sanctions relating to the controversial game at the Mladost Stadium on October 16 which England won 1-0.

On December 13, the Serbian U21 team were ordered to play their next game behind closed doors and the Football Association of Serbia  was fined €80,000 after racist behaviour from the home supporters towards England players.

Two Serbian coaches and two Serbian players were handed bans for trouble on the pitch and Danny Rose was sent off for reacting to the abuse as a melee ensued at the final whistle as England scored an late  winner, for which he received a one-match ban.

The appeal deadline also applies to the FSS and the Football Association should they wish to appeal.

The case will then be heard by the independent appeals body, which increased a fine handed under similar circumstances to the FSS after racist chanting from Serbian supporters in a match between the same sides in 2007.

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