RIO DE JANEIRO: FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke has stated that he will decide on his future after the 2014 World Cup amid speculation over whether the Frenchman would consider running for the presidency of world football’s governing body in 2015.

Sepp Blatter was elected president of FIFA in 1998, securing re-election in June 2011. In 2011 he suggested he would step down at the end of his current term in office in 2015 but the 77-year-old has dropped repeated hints in recent months that he may change his mind.

Valcke has served as secretary-general since June 2007 after rejoining FIFA following ‘gardening leave’ from his former role as director of marketing and television when he shouldered the blame for the MasterCard/Visa sponsor controversy.

Valcke was reported in Brazil this week as saying: ‘‘I’m doing something which is an amazing job: The organisation of the World Cup but also working at FIFA where I wouldn’t say I’m in control of everything but I can touch on everything. It’s the first time in my life that I’m in a position that you’re involved from A to Z. I’m involved in the organisation of football at level which is quite unique.

“If you are asking me do I want to become the next president? Firstly, the current president has to decide if he wants to stay or remain as president. It’s not a question for today. I will ask myself what’s my future after the World Cup because then I will have to decide what I have to do beyond 2015.”

Valcke has been in Brazil for the past month in charge of the running of the Confederations Cup amid the nationwide protests concerning the cost of stadium development and public spending.

Commenting on the protests, Valcke added: “It is not linked to the World Cup at all. It is based on a demand coming from the streets and the country for more investment in health, education, transport, for a fight against corruption.

“Suddenly, the use of the Confederations Cup was a perfect platform to express the voices in a stronger way. That’s fine. There’s nothing wrong. The thing which became wrong is when a minority joined the groups and started destroying everything, and being violent.

“That’s where there were some concerns and needs to ensure the security of the Confederations Cup.”


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Friday, June 28, 2013

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