BANGKOK: Embattled Worawi Makudi has welcomed support from the Sports Authority of Thailand for his bid to reform the football federation’s voting system before the next presidential election writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Makudi, one of the longest-serving members of world federation FIFA’s exeutive committee, faces competition for his command of the domestic game.

Worawi’s term as FAT president ended on June 16 but he cancelled a vote scheduled for that day after failing to implement controversial FIFA-backed reforms, which included slashing the number of eligible voters from 179 to 72.

The setting of September 23 as a new election date which angered 108 members of the FA council who signed a petition demanding the election take place immediately in line with Thai sports law.

The Local Administration Authority – which oversees sport – has ruled that the new FAT constitution could contravene civil law. However, the SAT has now ruled that the changes – with certain amendments – could be enacted before the presidential vote.

Worawi, set to be challenged by former national team manager Virach Charnpanich, said: “SAT has officially informed FAT it agrees with the adoption of the FIFA statutes which will be conducted during the Extraordinary General Meeting on August 9 and to proceed with the FAT elections by September 30.

“This has never ever been about me, or any other individual. It is imperative that FAT, as a member of FIFA, follow its rules, regulations and statutes.”

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