LONDON: Gordon Taylor will keep his position as chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association following claims that he bet £4m in 30 months.

Earlier this week The Sun reported that Taylor made 2,000 bets, including wagers on football.

The issue was of especial concern because of PFA concerns over the dangers of players being caught up by betting and gambling addictions.

A statement issued by the management committee, chaired by Clarke Carlisle, said: “We have discussed this with him and he has our full support. While this is a private matter for Gordon, he has informed us that this dispute has been in the hands of lawyers for some time. For that reason, it would be inappropriate for us to comment specifically.

“We recognise that gambling is part of our culture and part of football and it is for that reason that the PFA remains committed to continue in its work to raise awareness levels and educate.”

The PFA believed the issue did not raise potential conflicts of interest with Taylor’s role.

The 68-year-old former Bolton, Birmingham, Blackburn and Bury player joined the PFA management committee in 1972 and was appointed as chief executive in 1981.

He has been described as the best-paid union official in the country on £1m-a-year.

** PFA betting guidelines: