KEIR RADNEDGE in ZURICH: The world’s media has been camped outside FIFA headquarters here in Zurich in increasing numbers this week.

More than two dozen camera crews from broadcasters around the world have been poised, with a phalanx of journalists, to record the outcome of the FIFA executive committee’s discussions about Qatar 2022.

Not the Swiss media.

Events on the hill above Zurich may be of interest to sports fans – and trades unions, for that matter – around the world. However for the Swiss population these have been judged irrelevant non-issues by the local media.

Neue Zurcher Zeitung devoted the largest projection to a long feature about how women have come to dominate local track and field athletics; Tages Anzeiger’s entire back page was an interview with veteran manager Erich Vogel on his sacking by Young Boys.

So who has their priorities right . . . ?