ZURICH: A Zurich court has granted Sepp Blatter an injunction suspending publication of a book entitled The Platter Cartoons one of which depicts the FIFA president as a ‘Teflon man’ to whom nothing sticks.

The cartoons were publihed by Ole Anderson a 74-year-old Danish fomer coach who lives in Lucerne. The court accepted provisionally, without a counter claim, that the cartoons compromised the reputation and social standing of Blatter and FIFA. It ruled that publication had been undertaken on malicious personal ground and did not represent a work of art.

Should Andersen defy the court then he risks being finshed up to 10,000 Swiss francs.

Andersen had produced a satirical book about a fictional Blatter lookalike. He had even sent it to FIFA and Blatter for their opinion.

Andersen played in Switzerland 50 years ago for FC Baden then later worked as a trainer with Kickers Luzern, SC Zug and FC Sursee. He also spent four years as a coach in the Faroe Islands and undertook several commissions for FIFA in the 1990s.

His relationship with Blatter, once friendly, later soured.