VICENTE DATTOLI / AIPS in RIO DE JANEIRO: The World Cup in Brazil, for the first time since Argentina in 1978, have a ‘home’ dedicated to sports journalists from around the world: the AIPS House, which will be at Evento Italiano.

AIPS House will be at Pier Maua, in the redeveloped port area. Every night, according to the international sports journalists’ association, personalities of world football will be present to share a little of their experiences.

Evento Italiano will also feature fashion displays, food exhibitions and cultural events from the opening of AIPS House on July 3.

AIPS House – on the lines of such ventures at the Olympic Games – will also feature tributes to journalists and former players as part of the celebrations of 90 years of AIPS.

Evento Italiano and AIPS House were presented on Tuesday at the Italian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, with the support of the government of Italy and AIPS. Brazilian football stars attending included Ricardo Rocha, Alexandre Torres and Beto as well as the old Serie A star Vinicio.