LONDON: Even though many Premier managers profess to hate the January transfer window the total January spend was a record £130m compared with £120m last January (across all the league).

However the vast majority of that spending was by two clubs: Chelsea and Manchester United. Two of last summer’s biggest spenders – Manchester City and Tottenham – spent nothing at all.

The total transfer spending of Premier League clubs in summer and winter windows to £760m, topping £700m for the first time, according to Deloitte. The previous highest total for the two windows was £670m in season 2008-09.

Five most expensive players:

Juan Mata, Chelsea to Manchester Utd, £37.1m

Nemanja Matic, Benfica to Chelsea, £21m

Kurt Zouma, Saint-Eienne to Chelsea, £12m (loaned back for the rest of the season)

Konstantinos Mitroglou, Olympiacos to Fulham, £12m

Mohamed Salah, Basel to Chelsea, £11m

Top spending-clubs:

Chelsea £44m

Manchester Utd £37.1m

Crystal Palace £12m

Fulham £12m

Hull £10m