HELSINKI: Wilson Raj Perumal, one of the most infamous but apparently elusive football matchfixers, has been detained back in one of his old haunts in Finland.

Local media sources have reported that Perumal was detained in Helsinki last Wednesday on an international arrest warrant issued by Singaporean authorities and is currently held in Vantaa.

In 2011 the 48-year-old Singepore national was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for fixing matches of the RoPs Rovaniemi.

After serving one year of his prison term in Finland, Perumal was handed over to Hungarian authorities. Here he was reported to have been ‘helping police with their inquiries’ though he was also alleged to have had connections to matchfix rings ranging from central America to Australia.

A court in Vantaa ordered that Perumal should be held in custody pending an extradition decision by the Justice Ministry.