KEIR RADNEDGE at DEAD SEA: Moya Dodd, one of three women on the FIFA exective, has joined the queue of frowns over the Richard Scudamore controversy.

Scudamore, chief executive of the FA Premier League, apologised at the weekend for “inappropriate” remarks also deemed sexist which were passed on to a newspaper by a former personal assistant.

Dodd, an Australian vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation, said: “Of course it’s disappointing the way women are sometimes talked about when people think nobody’s listening and nobody’s watching.”

Addressing a conference panel at the Soccerex Asian Forum at the Bin Talal Convention Centre, she added: “The challenge for us in football is to make sure the game is open to everyone so the next time you hear people speaking like that in your environment or making a derogatory comment about a woman or a man insulting another man by suggesting he has female characteristics, you should challenge him. As a woman, I would find that insulting.

“It’s time we challenged ourselves about whether could be more open to females and as inclusive as we can be.”

Back in London Sports and Equalities Minister Helen Grant joined the chorus of criticism of Scudamore.

Grant said: “I found the content of those emails completely unacceptable and very disappointing, particularly at a time when there is so much good work and progress being made promoting women’s sport.

“I am determined to do all I can to help tackle all forms of discrimination in sport. There is absolutely no place for it and all of us working in sport need to pull together on the issue. There is no room for complacency.”