KEIR RADNEDGE in MONACO: Officials in both Germany and Italy are double-checking the possible pitfalls as they prepare to introduce the vanishing spray into their top divisions.

The German Bundesliga is planning to introduce the spray – a massive ‘hit’ at the World Cup finals – some time in October while Italy’s Serie B and lower Lega Pro A will use it from the start of their competitions this coming weekend.

One of the concerns being reviewed by the German authorities is that the spray – developed initially in South America – could freeze in low central and northern European temperatures.

Referees’ chief Herbert Fandel told German media: “All the issues concerning the use and introduction of the spray will be reviewed nd clarified by the referees’ commission in the next few weeks.”

Italian league authorities have issued orders that referees must be sparing with the use of spray so as not to empty the canister.

Officials are being warned that the spray begins to vanish itself after use at five free kicks. Each squad of match officials will be issued with three canisters and suggestions that the referee replaces the initial one at half-time.

Fourth officials are under instruction to keep a spare handy in case the referee needs to make a change during the game.

The spray, used for some years in Latin America, was tested by world federation FIFA last year at all its junior championships and then used at the World Cup in Brazil.

Created by a Brazilian, it has also been adopted by the English Premier League and by European federation UEFA.

The spray was used in the European Supercup between Real Madrid and Sevilla in Cardiff and then in the Champions League play-off rounds. It will be used in the UEFA Europa League and in the qualifiers for Euro 2016, which begin next month.