KEIR RADNEDGE in MANCHESTER: FIFA vice-president Jeff Webb believes that the world federation’s reform process did not go far enough.

Webb, the 49-year-old Cayman Islands banker who heads the central and north American CONCACAF region, set out his demand for more radical action at the Soccerex Global Convention in Manchester.

He praised the financial progress under president Sepp Blatter and secretary-general Jerome Valcke but acknowledged that FIFA still had a toxic image after the scandals of recent years and further reform was essential.

This would involve the six regional confederations having a voting strength on the exco commensurate with the number of their national associations.

Webb said: “What Joseph Blatter and Jerome Valcke have done from a business standpoint has been tremendous. But we could have gone further with the reforms.

“I believe we should be brave and bold enough to take on the challenge of rebalancing the executive committee.

“There should be a proportional representation of the confederations. Is is fair for Africa to have four of five members when they have the same size membership as UEFA which has eight or nine? We should be bold.

“The time is right. It takes leadership to say we are going to reform the exco but  I believe the rebalancing is something that should be approached.”

Webb, like original governance reform leader Mark Pieth, said he was in favour of seeing non-executive directors appointed to the FIFA exco.