ZURICHFIFA TMS has launched a report with analysis of the international transfers involving clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain during the summer transfer window.

These five markets accounted for 82% or USD 2.3 billion of the total spend (USD 2.8 billion) realised by the 26 countries that saw their transfer window close on 1 September 2014.

The report – The Big 5: Transfer Window Analysis Summer 2014 – is available in English and provides unique insights into this summer’s transfer window including key trends and comparisons with previous transfer windows. The topics include:

New record highs in transfer spending and number of transfers – England and Spain driving the market

Types of transfer – a steady increase in the number of loans

Intermediary involvement – increase in intermediary involvement and commissions

Transfer streams – spending within the Big 5 countries

Average fee per player – based on the country engaging the player and his age

England – average fee per player; a steady growth over the last four years

The report is available for download at www.fifatms.com.

Note to editors: A preview of the report is available for free download, while the full report is available for purchase via www.fifatms.com.


FIFA TMS was founded in 2007, with its international transfer matching system becoming mandatory for international transfers of all professional male eleven-a-side players in October 2010 to make sure that football authorities have more details available to them on each and every international transfer – in turn increasing the credibility of the entire transfer system and the integrity of the game.

Unique insights are presented in a number of FIFA TMS reports, such as the Global Transfer Market Report 2014, Market Insights Reports, as well as the “Big 5” Transfer Window Analysis Reports.





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