KOSTAS VERNIKOS / AIPS in ATHENS: Evangelos Marinakis, president of record champions Olympiacos, has been named among a group of public figures apparently targeted for terrorist attack in Greece.

Marinakis, 47, is one of the world’s most influential shipping magnates, a former president of the Greek league and vice-president of the football federation.

Vassilis Kikilias, the Minister for Public Order and Citizen Protection, said other targets included ship-owners’ association leader Thodoros Veniamis and Theodoros Fessas, head of the Enterprises Federation (SEV) and infotech company, Info-Quest.

Buildings at risk included the offices of the ruling conservative party of New Democracy.

Kikilias ascribed responsibility to associates of the imprisoned terrorist Nikos Maziotis and said the attacks had been planned for today [October 4], the 40th anniversary of the founding of New Democracy. One man has been detained.

Handwritten notes, reportedly found in a garage in the Vyronas district, outlined a route back from the party offices timed at 16 minutes, suggesting the alleged terrorists had also planned a getaway.

These notes also included the names of targets, including Marinakis. This is the first time that a president of a football club is known to have been targeted in this way.

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