BUCHAREST: Concordia Chiajna’s Brazilian striker Wellington complained about persistent racist abuse from visiting Rapid Bucharest supporters in their Romanian league match on Friday.

Television showed supporters making monkey gestures against the Brazilian forward during a goalless draw. Wellington also accused Rapid fans of throwing a banana at him.

Wellington, who burst into tears at the end of the match, said: “It’s incredible what happened… my wife and my child were in the stands. I wanted to get off the pitch. But when I told the referee he gave me a yellow card.”

UEFA action

In August champions Steaua Bucharest were handed a partial stadium closure by European federation UEFA after racist behaviour by their fans during a Champions League match in July.

Rapid coach Marian Rada was in denial about the incidents, saying: “Was he crying? Don’t you see what’s happening in theatres? Maybe Wellington should have cried because he didn’t score. How do we know it was a Rapid fan? Maybe a banana just slipped out of someone’s hand in the stands.”

Police confirmed launching an investigation after a Rapid fan entered the stadium in Chiajna with a flag bearing Nazi symbols.