LONDON: David Moyes has said he is ready to return to football management after his Manchester United failure.

In an interview with the BBC, the 51-year-old who was sacked last spring from Old Trafford, said: “I have got to wait on the right job and make sure it’s one that I want. I’m really ambitious. I would never have left Everton for anybody but an ambitious football club – and I thought Manchester United would have given me that opportunity.

“It didn’t materialise that way, so I am hoping that the next club I join gives me the chance to build a team, because I think that is what I am good at.”

Moyes maintained Everto in the top half of the Premier League on a limited budget but he presided over United’s worst Premier League season after being hand-picked by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Moye said: “I have had several people contact me about jobs. None of them have turned round and said ‘here is a job it’s yours’. But people have asked me if I have had any interest in jobs. The clubs that have come calling, I just felt that they weren’t right.”