First insight into the FIFA World Football Museum
ZURICH, January 14, 2015 – With the special participation of legendary Italian striker Alessandro Del Piero, former Swiss national coach “Köbi” Kuhn and the five times FIFA Women’s World Player of the year, Marta, FIFA today gave a first insight into the FIFA World Football Museum. Due to open in early 2016 in Zurich’s Enge district, the project was presented to the world press for the first time. 

“The building construction is in full swing and the interior installation is ready to begin”, said the Creative Director of the museum, David Ausseil. “It is a really exciting phase and we look forward to welcoming football fans from around the world. We will do our best to make the FIFA World Football Museum a new landmark for the city of Zurich and an unforgettable visit”. 

At the heart of the museum will be the permanent display of the original FIFA World Cup Trophy. “This is our Mona Lisa” says Ausseil of the most famous trophy in the world “and it is exciting that fans will always be able to see it in its new home.”
Covering approximately 3,500 square meters of exhibition space over three floors the museum also has 1,500 square meters of public space which includes a Merchandising Shop, a Sports Bar and the Museum Bistro-Cafeteria that will bring life to the neighbourhood. 

The museum will feature the latest state of the art LED screens throughout and the emphasis has been on innovative design as well as content. Highlights of the activities the Museum will offer include a cinema recreating the atmosphere of a stadium, and a Game corner with a newly created giant football Pinball machine.
The Museum will be a place where people can have fun but is also keen to stress a more serious aspect too. “We will have the biggest collection of football books in the world and academics and journalists will have access to material to help shape a better understanding of the history of the game. There are facilities for school trips and areas for academic seminars and conferences. This will be a museum fit for the 21st century.” 

“It’s amazing to see what it takes to build a museum and I’m really excited to be here today”, said Alessandro Del Piero. “For a player to win the World Cup is something you can’t describe. I know that the title I won with my team mates in 2006 will be part of the World Cup history show here at the museum. All those emotions are coming back to me in this moment because I’m imagining how our victory in Germany will be shown at the FIFA World Football Museum.” 

“It’s an honour for me to see one of the most important places for world football”, added Marta. “This place evokes a lot of emotions in me because here we will see the history of this beautiful sport. I’m also proud because I know that women’s football will have a special place in this museum. So it is great to be part of it and to have made history.” 

“As a citizen of Zurich I’m really happy that the museum will be in my hometown”, concluded Jakob “Köbi” Kuhn “Visiting the construction site gave me an idea of what beautiful cultural site we will have next year. It will of course be very special because it is the World Football Museum. I’m really looking forward to it opening.”