BUENOS AIRES: An Argentinian footballer has died, two weeks agfter suffering a fractured skull when crashing into a pitchside wall.

Emanuel Ortega, 21, was playing for San Martín de Burzaco in the fifth tier when he tumbled into the wall after losing his balance while challenged for the ball by the touchline.

Ortega receiving immediate medical treatment and was taken to hospital but died Thursday morning despite emergency surgery.

San Martín manager Critstian Ferlauto absolved the Juventud Unida player for his part in the incident, assuring that “there was no intent,” but questioned the safety of having a wall so close to the sideline.

He added: “The wall is just a metre from the line. It’s crazy, there’s no protection. The security measures are taken thinking about the fans, and the fence is so high so that they can’t throw stones, but something are more important. It’s a disgrace.”