ZURICH: Belgium have overtaken Argentina to move into second place in the latest edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. This is the Red Devils’  highest position since the ranking’s launch.

Another change sees France return to the top 10 in ninth place at the expense of Switzerland (11th, down two).

As none of the teams in the top 20 played a match last month, all movements in terms of points and positions are down to a devaluation of past results.

This month, the biggest movers are to be found in the bottom half of the table, with Madagascar (113th, up 37) in particular benefiting from having recently played six matches and winning four to make the biggest gain of all 209 teams in the ranking.

In addition to Belgium, three other teams – DR Congo (47th, up two), Timor-Leste (146th, up five) and Bhutan (159th, up 4) – are also in their highest-ever position in the ranking.

A total of 44 matches were played in May, bringing the number of international “A” matches played so far in 2015 to 264. More than half of the matches (26) played in May took place in Africa.

The rise of Equatorial Guinea (50th, up 11) also means that CAF has increased its number of top 50 teams to 11. The other confederations’ share of the top 50 is as follows: UEFA 29, CONMEBOL 6, CONCACAF 3, AFC 1 (down 1) and OFC 0.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 9 July 2015.

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Leader Germany (unchanged)
Moves into top 10 France (9th, up 2)
Moves out of top 10 Switzerland (11th, down 2)
Matches played in total 44
Most matches played Madagascar, Namibia (6 matches each)
Biggest move by points Madagascar (up 122 points)
Biggest move by ranks Madagascar (up 37 ranks)
Biggest drop by points Rwanda (down 128 points)
Biggest drop by ranks Maldives (down 38 ranks)