BERLIN: Winning not only the Champions League but wrapping up a season treble was a spine-tingling achievement for Andres Iniesta writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Iniesta was hailed as official man of the match after captaining Barcelona into the 3-1 win over Juventus in Berlin before giving way to Xavi Hernandez in the closing stages.

He praised Juventus “because they made if difficult for us” and he owned up to a realisation that Barcelona could made it all much easier had they taken one a string of early chance which could have killed the game.

Iniesta said: “We had chances for 2-0 and then we might have played in a more relaxed manner. Still we won and it’s been a specular day for us, the FC Barcelona, for Barcelona itself and for our supporters.”

Barcelona have changed coaches several times over the past few years and Luis Enrique was contracted only last summer. Already, though, he has made an impression.

New challenges

Iniesta said: “My hope is that our coach will now continue next season so we can face up to new challenges. We have to make the most of him, this team and the work we’ve done. We’ve had a spectacular season.

“Six years ago we thought the treble [league, cup and Champions League] was impossible to repeat yet now we’ve done it again. We want people to go out on the streets and celebrate. Things are not always perfect so when there are victories we have to enjoy them to the full.”

As for his own multi-trophied career. Iniesta could hardly believe how much he achieved for club and country.

He said: “It makes my hair stand on end to look back and realise how fortunate¬† feel to play for FC Barcelona and achieve great success. I don’t think, right now, I see its true value – not even 10pc.

“Of course there always be challenges. Next year we’ll try to do it again so this club we love and work for can be even better.”

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