ROME: The Vatican has informed the South American confederation that it will no longer accept accept its donations to a charity run under the patronage of Pope Francis.

Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez has notified CONMEBOL and the Argentinian football federation (AFA) that it is suspending an agreement signed only in April, according to Vatican spokesman  Father Federico Lombardi.

The Scholas  foundation had been promised $10,000 from CONMEBOL for each goal scored in the imminent Copa America.

However a letter from Archbishop Sanchez said: “Due to events on May 27 we have decided to suspend application of the agreement previously signed. Please do not submit any financial payments.”

The agreement was signed in April when a CONMEBOL delegation was received by the Pepe. The delegation included Rafael Esquivel, the president of the Venezuelan federation, who was one of the seven men arrested by Swiss police on May 27 and is facing an extradition application from the United States Justice Department.