PRETORIA: South Africa’s players’ union has declared its opposition to Tokyo Sexwale’s bid to become president of world football federation FIFA.

An election to pick a successor to scandal-shrouded Sepp Blatter is being held in Zurich next February 26 and the millionaire businessman is one of five candidates.

However Thulaganyo Gaoshubelwe, secretary general of SAFPU, believes Sexwale has done nothing to earn support from players let alone the wider world.

Gaoshubelwe said: “We remain convinced that he (Sexwale) is not a balanced candidate who will deliver what we need as footballers globally.

“Sexwale is no different from his backers at the South African Football Association. The decision to stand was not informed by the needs and interests of the players because there was no consultation and engagement with SAFPU.”

Gaoshubelwe said Sexwale had offered no serious proposals for whatever reforms he might bring to world football.

He added: “Before Sexwale ascends to the global pedestal that is the FIFA presidency, we would like to advise him to start at home and get SAFA in order.

“We are on record that, while we enjoy cordial relations with SAFA, we are unhappy with them because they operate their organisation in ways that are not consistent with the statutes of FIFA.

“It is impossible to lead football globally when you can’t lead at home. Sexwale should rather start with leading SAFA.”

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