LONDON: United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch has indicated that she and her investigators will be keeping a sharp eye on the new president whom FIFA will elect in February.

Lynch was speaking during an appearance at Chatham House in London where she delivered an address on the global fight against terrorism.

The world federation elects a successor to suspended Sepp Blatter next February 26 amid a crisis which has seen more than 30 senior football directors arrested on corruption charges laid by the US Department of Justice.

All the past three president of the central and North American confederation – which includes the US in membership – are facing charges over the allegations of a $150m bribery, fraud and money-laundering conspiracy.

Lynch said: “It is incumbent upon FIFA to ensure they have the appropriate screening processes, and that they have enough of a view of the specific methodologies that they need to adopt, that regardless of where they come from, there are methodologies and compliance mechanisms that will make the organisation stronger.

“You have to judge people by their actions and see how the next round of leadership handles this responsibility because it is a responsibility both in terms of CONCACAF in particular, CONMEBOL also, but FIFA as a larger organisation.

“People have to be vigilant, and the organization has to be prepared to take action itself in terms of holding its leaders accountable.”