LUXEMBOURG: The Luxembourg Court of Appeal has ordered Bayern Munich’s ex-France forward Franck Ribery to pay €1.6m plus interest to his former agent Bruno Heiderscheid in a long-running dispute.

Heiderscheid had launched action initially alleging wrongful termination of contract in 2007.

Initially Ribery was ordered, in 2011, to pay damages of €2.665m in response to a claim by Heiderscheid that the player had failed “one of his contractual obligations” towards its former agent “by failing to pay commissions” to which it was entitled.

Ribery had appealed and issued a statement expression satisfaction with the latest court ruling. He also claimed that Heiderscheid still owed him €500,000 as ordered by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Ribery also reserves the possibility to appeal to the Court of Cassation Luxembourg, said its board.