. . . Maintaining his defiance, Blatter continued: “We are being presented as liars and for what reason they didn’t believe Mr Platini or me. It’s a question of respect. Justice.

“You cannot condemn somebody without valid reasons and now I am condemned to being suspended and Mr Platini as well so it is not finished. I will fight and I hope Michel will do the same.

“Personally I am a fighter and, because I am the elected president, I wanted to be there for the election of the new president but I have been cut off so I am struggling to restore my rights until February.

“We have time to do this and I believe in God and in myself and I believe in the sport bodies of FIFA and the one [CAS] we set up together with the IOC and that on February 26 I will be able to preside over FIFA Congress.”

Finally, after noting that “perhaps I am not the most clever man in the world but I am not stupid,” Blatter concluded: “I’ll be back!”

# # # # # #