ZURICH: Belgium head towards the finals of the European Championship in June on top of the world after confirmation that they have retained No1 sport in the FIFA World Ranking for January.

With the majority of leading nations inactive in the closing weeks of December the top 50 has remained largely unchanged.

However Sweden moved up one position into 34th place, Iran climbed two into 43rd and Guinea gained one position in 49th.

Uganda (62nd, up 1) and Kyrgyzstan (107th, up 1) have kicked off 2016 by reaching their best-ever positions.

Other small but significant improvements have been enjoyed by Zambia (67th, up six), Rwanda (91st, up 10), Thailand (121st, up 12), Tanzania (126th, up six) and Sri Lanka (188th, also up six).

Confederation leaders for the first ranking of 2016 repeat those of December’s ranking: Belgium, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Iran and New Zealand hold onto continental bragging rights for the time being.

Fifteen games from December 2015 and one A match from 2016 have been evaluated for the latest edition.


Leader Belgium (unchanged)

Moves into top 10 none

Moves out of top 10 none

Matches played in total 16 (15 of which in 2015)

Most matches played Afghanistan (5 matches)

Biggest move by points Saudi Arabia (up 42 points)

Biggest move by ranks Thailand (up 12 ranks)

Biggest drop by points Cuba (down 118 points)

Biggest drop by ranks Cuba (down 45 ranks)