COPENHAGEN: The football federations of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are considering launching a Nordic bid to host the finals of the European Championship in 2024 or 2028.

European federation UEFA has said that the continent-wide tournament planned for 2020 would be a one-off and then it intended to revert to a ‘standard’ hosting arrangement.

Germany had been considered the odds-on favourite for 2024 but the issue has fallen off the DFB agenda since the federation was mired in controversy over how it won the host rights for the 2006 World Cup.

Various of the Nordic nations have considered joint bids for the Euro finals before but without ever coming to a formal agreement and registering an interest.

DBU president Jesper Møller said the idea was discussed during a recent meeting of the FAs.

He said: “The Nordic football associations have common values ​​in many areas – including how we can organise a European Championship finals with a focus on volunteerism, sustainability and wellbeing in football.

“We have a common love of football and a desire to host the European Championship, so we will examine the possibility of bidding for the hosting in 2024 or 2028.”

He added: “To host one of the largest sporting events would have huge implications for all parts of Danish football and throughout Denmark. This will provide a huge boost for Danish football for many years before and after the European Championship finals.”

Copenhagen will be a first round host for Euro 2020, staging three group games and one second round knockout tie.