ASUNCION: Gorka Villar, controversial son of senior FIFA and UEFA director Angel Maria Villar, is no longer director-general of South American confederation CONMEBOL writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Villar Jnr was legal counsel to CONMEBOL then effective ceo in the latter years when corruption was rampant under successive leaderships of Paraguayan Nicolas Leoz, Uruguayan ?? Fernandez and Peruvian Juan Angel Napout.

A string of former senior CONMEBOL directors from around Latin America have been indicted by the United States Department of Justice in the FIFAGate corruption case.

Gorka Villar had held the role of director-general since December 2014 and his departure was noted in a bland statement on the CONMEBOL website.

He had been sought by the Uruguayan courts over allegations that he supported Fernandez in threatening action against clubs and players who believed they were being denied their fair share of revenues generated by CONMEBOL from the South American club competitions.

In another commercial development, CONMEBOL has been hit by the decision of the Paraguayan company Global Sports to cancel its promotional contract for the Copa Sudamericana up until 2017.

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