NEW YORK: The federal judge overseeing the United States Justice Department’s FIFAGate investigation has said that a trial could begin in September or October of next year.

However several scheduled dates along the way have already been ‘lost’ and there are no guarantees that this estimate could be any different.

At the hearing in front of US District Judge Raymond Dearie in Brooklyn, New York, Assistant US Attorney Evan Norris said the government does expect to bring additional charges in the case although he also said it was “too early to say” if additional defendants would be charged.

So far 42 individuals and entities have been indicted though several remain beyond reach. Former CONCACAF president Jack Warner is contestin extradition from Trinidad and Brazilian federation head Marco Polo del Nero cannot be extradited from Brazil because of a clause in the constitution preventing citizens being ‘lifted’.

Further individuals may yet be charged.

Reports in South Africa have stated that Danny Jordaan, head of the football association and former 2010 World Cup bid and organising ceo, has appointed lawyers both at home and in the United States.

Jordaan features in controversy over a $10m payment made to Warner by the South African FA during the 2010 bidding process. SAFA has insisted this was a development grant while US investigators claim it was a bribe.#