LAUSANNE: The much-trumpeted ‘Olympic Summit’ to plot out a route to a more effective fight against doping in sport came to a conclusion after three hours with a communique of 900 words but nothing else of apparent substance.

No mention was made of how the World Anti-Doping Agency might ‘get inside’ rough nations’ dope-control systems and no promises were issued about an immediate injection of cash into  an apparently failing system

Instead a declaration insisted that WADA should carry on doing what it does, only do it better and with notionally greater powers.

Only then, came the assurance, would it be granted more money by the International Olympic Committee and the governments which share the cost of a budget currently standing at around $26m-a-year.

The declaration did not mention Russia or the delayed second WADA report, being compuiled by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren.

As for increased funding, it said only: “The increase in financing depends on the implementation of the reforms by WADA and is based on the results provided by WADA after the review of the anti-doping system.”