ZURICH: New Zealander Sarai Bareman, the only female member of Francois Carrard’s FIFA reform commission, is to head the world football federation’s new women’s football division.

Bareman, formally, will be known as chief women’s football officer. She will report directly to deputy secretary-general Zvonimir Boban and be a member of the FIFA management board, starting from November 14.

Born in New Zealand, Bareman moved to Samoa in 2008, played for the national team before becoming FFS finance officer. In 2011 she progressed to federation ceo. Later she became operations manager of the Oceania confederation before being promoted to deputy secretary-general.

Last year she was the only female member of the reform committee which was thrown together in haste by then president Sepp Blatter.

Bareman worked effectively with Australia’s then FIFA exco member Moya Dodd to propel a significant increase in women’s representation into the commission’s eventual proposals.