MONTEVIDEO: Weekend football matches were postponed in Uruguay after the death of Hernán Fioritto, 21-year-old fan of Peñarol, who has died after being shot by ultras supporters of old rivals Nacional in September.

A statement from the Uruguayan AUF said: “Given the sad death of young Hernán Fioritto, the AUF decided to suspend all activities planned for the weekend.

“As important as is football to all Uruguayans, there is nothing more important than the life of a human being and young fan.

“It is impossible to return the life of Hernán Fioritto let alone repair the damage and pain caused to his family and loved ones.

“However, from this pain, frustration and helplessness, all who love this wonderful sport should reflect on the proper limits of passion, admiration and support for a football club.

“Our deepest condolences to the entire family of Hernán Fioritto.”

The fan was shot, together with two other Penarol fans, on September 28 in the town of Santa Lucia in the southern province of Canelones.

One of other victims was treated and discharged the same day while another spent a month in hospital. Fioritto was transferred from a local hospital to an intensive care unit of Montevideo.

So far 12 Nacional ultras have been charged while three others are in custody awaiting a judge’s ruling.