COPENHAGEN: Nordic football federations have decided to drop plans to bid to cohost Euro 2024 in favour of exploring efforts to land national team events in women’s and youth football.

A working group had agreed provisionally to submit a bid to host either Euro 2024 or 2028 but has now decided against bidding for the former tournament.

Germany and Turkey have already declared plans to bid for the 2024 tournament.

Officially, the Nordic decision is due to doubts over whether the required infrastructure could feasibly be completed in the time frame. However a major obstacle was UEFA’s decision that, in case of cohosting, only two guaranteed slots would be offered to staging nations.

Jesper Moller, president of the Danish Football Union, said, “We must recognise that we are not prepared for a European Championship finals for men’s national teams in 2024 but we are also not yet ready to close the door on a possible joint Nordic bid for a European Championship finals at a later time.”