MANAMA: The election of Mahfuza Akhtar Kiron to the governing council of world football federation FIFA by the Asian confederation has reportedly gone largely unnoticed back home in Bangladesh.

Little-known Kiron scored a 27-17 victory over high-profile Australian Moya Dodd in Monday’s AFC election in Manama, Bahrain.

However her ongoing dispute with domestic sports media outlets over a series of disputes led to many refusing to mention her accession to world football’s top table.

Scepticism about Kiron’s potential to progress the cause of women in football, and in particular in Asia, was enhanced when she was unable to name the current women’s world champions in answer to the BBC World Service.

Kiron answered “Korea” and “Japan” before settling on the United States.

The stumble will encumber Kiron for however long she remains on the council.

Accidental or not, the gaffe undermined not only her personal credibility but that of the Asian confederation for electing her.

The good news for Kiron is that this also went largely unreported back home.


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