LONDON: The Football Association has approved a new set of corporate governance reforms, including term limits and the introduction of at least three women on the FA board following a meeting of all the shareholders on Thursday.

The reforms, part of a six-month review of the way the FA governs football in England, were previously backed by the FA Board and Council but were ratified after the Annual General Meeting at Wembley Stadium.

The UK government had put pressure on the FA to introduce significant changes after a vote of no confidence in the association from MPs.

Now, measures such as three-year term limits for board and council members will be introduced. Also, the total number of members on the board will reduce from 12 to 10, while three places will automatically be taken by females (by 2018).

“This is a significant moment and a very positive step for The Football Association,” said Chairman Greg Clarke.

“Good corporate governance is essential for any successful organisation and these new reforms have the interests of football at their core. They will benefit all of English football.

“This is a good start but we don’t just want to be compliant with the Sport England’s Code for Sports Governance, we want to go beyond that. Our aim is to make English football For All and a more inclusive and diverse game.”

Meanwhile, a new regulation for tackling diving in football was introduced after a retrospective punishment panel was also approved on Thursday.

From the 2017-2018 season onwards, a panel made up of an ex-match official, an ex-manager and an ex-player will review footage from the weekend each Monday looking for cases of simulation.

Only in circumstances where the panel are unanimous would The FA charge the individual concerned for ‘Successful Deception of a Match Official’.