ROME: Video refereeing, hitch-hampered in Holland and Germany, struck a weekend hiccup in Italy as well during a 1-1 Serie A draw between Bologna and Torino.

In the first half technical problems prevented referee Davide Massa contacting the video official and, in the closing moments of the second half, he ruled out a ‘goal’ by Alex Berenguer for Torino which TV replays shown as valid.

Massa this time refused to consult the VAR and ended the game, to the anger of Sinisa Mihajlovic, the Torino coach.

Mihajlovic said: “It’s human to make a mistake but he should have let the game continue. If not, what is the use of video refereeing?”

Gianni Infantino, president of international federation FIFA, wants to rush through formal approval of video refereeing in time for the World Cup in Russia next year.