NEW YORK: Defence lawyers in the FIFAGate trial in New York have almost completed their submissions to the jury which is expected to be sent out on Thursday to consider verdicts.

Former South American football supremos Jose Maria Marin (Brazil), Juan Angel Napout (Paraguay) and Manuel Burga (Peru) deny a string of corruption offences.

The prosecution has totalled up the bribes at issue in this case as $6.5m for Marin, $10.5m for Napout, and $4.4m for Burga .

John Pappalardo, defending Napout, criticised the prosecution for a lack of credible evidence and the use of witnesses who had a conflict of interest because they had already agreed plea-bargain deals of their own.

Defence submissions for Marin will complete the proceedings before Judge Patricia Chen sends out the jury complete with a 54-page dossier explaining the legal issues.



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