VIENNA/ZURICH: Austrian corruption prosecutors are reportedly investigating transactions between world football federation FIFA and the local OFB.

Reports from Reuters and Austrian outlets and claimed that OFB president Leo Windtner was being investigated for facilitating a $100,000 transfer from FIFA to a charity project in Africa with which his wife was involved.

A spokeswoman for the corruption prosecutors’ office in Vienna confirmed an investigation was underway into events in 2014 but declined to name any suspects.

She added: “We are investigating the accusation that OFB officials demanded $100,000 from FIFA officials with regard to the election of the FIFA president. The money was supposed to go to an African football academy.” 90 and reported that the money was sent from FIFA to OFB but that the OFB then sent it back. FIFA eventually sent the money directly to the African project.

At the time of the transfer, now-banned Sepp Blatter had been pursuing re-election as FIFA president a year later. He was duly re-elected in 2015 but was then suspended for ethics breaches and replaced in 2016 by Gianni Infantino.

Windtner, who became OFB president in 2009, confirmed the transfer had taken place but said it was used for a good cause and that he had nothing to reproach himself for.