ASUNCION: Alejandro Dominguez, the newly re-elected head of the South American confederation, has apparently rejected a request from Morocco to present its 2026 World Cup bid to CONMEBOL writes KEIR RADNEDGE.

Dominguez was confirmed as CONMEBOL president last month and is considered a loyal supporter of Gianni Infantino, the head of world football federation FIFA who attended the election congress.

Morocco is competing with the Unted States plus Camada and Mexico for votes ahead of next week’s FIFA Congress in Moscow when the 200-plus national associations will hold a ballot.

Infantino is believed, privately, to prefer the United 2026 bid which is heavily weighted on the financial benefits which would accrue to FIFA and its membership.

Bid regulations permit the rivals to present their cases to the various rehgional confederations who all stage major meetings in Moscow ahead of FIFA Congress. However it is understood that Dominguez’s CONMEBOL has refused to hear the Moroccans.