LONDON: For the World Cup group stage alone, more than £133m will be paid out to 384 football clubs around the world.

This is the conclusion the latest research undertaken by the finance portal Vexcash ( The analysis is based on the World Cup Benefits Program. Over the course of the tournament, no other league in the world will receive as much money from FIFA as the Premier League does and no club will receive more than Real Madrid.

How the results were calculated:
FIFA pays £6,370 per day for each player released for the World Cup. The payments started on 31 May and will end one day after the last game of the team. Please note: if a World Cup player has changed clubs since 2016, the former club(s) will receive a share of the payout. This also applies to transfers in progress.

English clubs dominate 
While the newly crowned champions of Europe, Real Madrid, receive a total of £2.96 million, more than any other of the 384 clubs, two English clubs are not far off: Manchester City gets about £2.82 million and FA Cup winner Chelsea £2.63 million. Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain are in fourth and fifth position, with compensation payments of £2.38 million and £2.36 million respectively. Tottenham Hotspurs receives £2.32 million and Manchester United £2.04 million. In tenth place is another English club, Arsenal, with £1.70 million. There is only one German club in the top ten and that is Bayern Munich, which is in ninth position, being paid £1.89 million.

Premier League tops the leagues table
When comparing all the leagues, the Premier League receives the most compensation (£24.2 million) during the group stage alone. The Spanish La Liga only gets half as much (£12.95 million) and the German Bundesliga slightly less (£12.06 million).

Although Italy does not actually participate in the 2018 World Cup, Serie A clubs can still look forward to some additional revenue. FIFA pays them £11.19 million in compensation. The fifth country is France with £9.18 million. Surprisingly for many, Saudi Arabia is in eighth place with £4.68 million.
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